Have you been considering an Influencer Marketing Campaign? Are you having trouble identifying your audience? Do you have good products and content but low referral traffic? Are you needing to build your brand?

If any of those questions ring true to your current situation, then we have a solution for you. Here at Influencer Campaigns we know all about needing a boost, we’ve even been there ourselves!

Our expert team can help you create & execute influencer outreach campaigns specific to your industry to build your name recognition, extend your reach within your community, and drive more valid traffic to your ecommerce promotions,  lead magnets, or company website through links and social mentions; ultimately improving your overall rankings (visibility) in organic search and on social while driving that coveted signup, download, or ecommerce sale.

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So, you've heard of Influencer Marketing but what is an Influencer Outreach Campaign?

With Influencer Campaigns, you can relax while the prospecting & promotion is done for you. Identifying influential people online and establishing a rapport with them is no small task. You must first define the goals of your campaign, whether it be metrics around link building, social traffic, signups to a lead magnet, or for ecommerce product sales. Next, it's time to create an audience of potential collaborators for outreach; which requires research, personalization, and consistent follow-up.

Quality websites and communities for your content, promotion, and link placements are difficult to find; let our mature relationships with a variety of social media influencers, webmasters and bloggers land your brand, promotions, content & links exactly where they need to be. Need a custom campaign? Our proprietary technology allows us to create highly targeted outreach campaigns at scale, and it works for almost every industry! Our database already contains hundreds of thousands of publisher records and growing.

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So, what exactly do we do—and why do you need it?

The team at Influencer Campaigns is highly skilled at building strategic outreach strategies for your all types of businesses. With a combination of email marketing outreach and social media outreach, relationships with your industries influencers are a sure bet. Personalization is vital when reaching out to an influencer about your business or product. You won’t get that coveted backlink or social media share without the correct message and approach.

What’s the hype with influencers?

According to a recent Tomson Study, marketers ranked influencer outreach as the “fastest growing online customer acquisition channel, beating organic search.” Influencer outreach can accomplish several goals in one swift tactical move such as:

How does influencer outreach work?

Our highly trained team can craft and execute the kind of influencer outreach campaign including professional quality content and promotions that influencers are proud to publish and share with their audience. This is professionally developed, with your campaign goals in mind; capturing the tone and delivering your message through words, images, and video. We then perform targeted influencer outreach to get the message in front of the people that matter most.

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Ready to find out more?

Drop us a line today for a free quote!

It’s all about targeting, timing and tweets.

Personalization is vital when reaching out with an email about your business or product, and when it comes to email marketing, we are pro’s.  Leave it to us when to decide the right time to schedule email deliveries, replies, and follow-ups.

We will work with you to develop the content needed to support a multi-touch email campaign, and then broadcast your fully CAN-SPAM compliant message using best-in-class autoresponder and marketing automation systems ensuring high deliverability rates.

Social media outreach is another heavy hitter when building your influencer outreach strategy. One tweet, product share, or Facebook post from a key player within your industry can sky rocket your brand awareness and drive tons of traffic to your promotion or company website.

Influencer Campaigns has proprietary strategies and custom tools to build, launch, and manage influencer outreach campaigns at scale using E-Mail, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

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Let the team at Influencer Campaigns do the heavy lifting as we work to forge influencer marketing relationships that yield mentions, shares, traffic, and links that others only dream about. Get real exposure to drive more qualified traffic, leads, and sales with Influencer Campaigns.

What about outreach to drive online public relations efforts?

Extend traditional public relations efforts by using a high-quality multi-touch digital outreach program. We can help you identify & reach journalists, industry authority figures, and market influencers to effectively promote your next big announcement. Don’t waste the opportunity to push that beautifully crafted content, or to push your next product launch or event.

Why do you need outreach to drive awareness?

Outreach bolsters your local (or global) presence and brand loyalty. The majority of consumers when polled consult a blog or some form of social media before purchasing something from a particular brand or company. By developing a strong outreach program your brand and affiliated links will be placed on influential bloggers specific to your industry.

Reaching out to consumers and bringing them into your band as opposed to treating them as an extension can do wonders for your brand awareness and loyalty efforts. By using outreach to foster relationships instead of focusing on quantitative factors only, the remaining pieces of the SEO and Social Media puzzle will fall into place such as website rankings, followers, and brand recognition.

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Don’t forget about the reporting.

Establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for your campaign will provide your company a gauge of performance measure for both strategic and operational goals.

Using our service means you can keep track of the progress we’re making. When you sign up for our services you get a clean report each month featuring a majority of KPI’s such as number of messages sent, conversations we have started, and how many links, mentions, or shares have been produced. Looking for even more detail? We use advanced analytics and multi-channel attribution modeling software to provide insight into the buyer journey; from conversation to conversion.

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